Thomas Kisko, Consultant

I continue to offer my services as a consultant after my retirement from the faculty of the University of Florida.

Services Offered

Custom software development
Database development
Guidance for new and existing development projects
Project management
Web site development
Computer systems design and implementation
Technical support

Contact Information

Phone Number: 800-987-3312
Moble Number: 970-582-0024
Address: Thomas Kisko, 2041 NW 17 St., Crystal River, FL 34428
Or: Thomas Kisko, 426 Caddy Cir., Pagosa Springs, CO 81147 Email address:


My resume: resume.htm
My University of Florida home page:

Consulting Activities

Shands Teaching Hospital, Gainesville, FL
Office of Contracts and Related Services, University of Florida Health Science Center
IBM, Boca Raton, FL
Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ
Apple Computer, Cupertino, CA
Westinghouse, Baltimore, MD
VALIC, Houston, TX
Intellon, Ocala, FL
Southern California Earthquake Preparedness Project, CA
South-Eastern Organ Procurement Foundation, Richmond, VA
Retirement Corporation of America, Ocala, FL
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY
Health Resources Administration, Washington, DC
University of Toronto, Canada
Vitilo Construction, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
James Schuler, P.E., Gainesville, FL
Southern Simulation Service, Tampa, FL

Software Developed

Tom Kisko was the primary implementor of the following:

JEI - The Java Engineering Interface for T-ReCS, the infrared imager
and spectrograph for the Gemini South telescope
DENTSIM - a dental practice simulation model
TO_FUN - converts empirical data to GPSS piecewise linear cumulative
    probability functions
PMS - a hospital productivity management system
ONCALL - a hospital on call system
MC - a hospital message center (Windows)
MB - a message board (Windows)
WINLIST - a file viewer with a search engine (Windows)
FCIS - a file and contract management system (Windows)
SCANVIEW - a paperless office scanning and viewing program (Windows)
TTM - a telephone traffic monitoring system
ASSM2 - an AML program for robotic assembly of microcomputers
EEEE - an engineering economy expression evaluator
EVACNET+ - a building evacuation modeling program
ONCALL - a hospital on call system
SPS - a space planning system
OCP - an organizational chart drawing program
OP - an outpatient pharmacy prescription tracking system
REMS - a regional area evacuation modeling system
SAMS - a space allocation monitoring system
TARS - a time and activity reporting system
LPL - a linear programming language/solver
IRR - solves for internal rate of return on calendar dated cash flows
FE - a font editor
E - a music notation editor and player
SURFACE - a three dimensional response surface drawer
CAMNET - a manufacturing network messaging system
QUEUE - a queueing analysis program
PCBHOLES - a printed circuit board hole drilling program
TS - a time study data collection and analysis system
DO-AT - an automated task scheduler
KUTIL - a set of utilities for the PC, a partial list follows:
CDX - search for and change to a directory
CMPDIR - compares two directories
COPYTO and COPYFROM - allows big files to be copied via floppy
DIRD - a directory DIR command
ENCRYPT - a file encryption program
E - an multiple window ASCII text editor
SAVE - a file saving command
EBCDICTA - an EBCDIC to ASCII converter
REP_ALL - does string replacement over a set of files
FDIR - finds all directories meeting a specification
INFO - lists info about your PC, e.g. available space on all disks
SEECOLOR - a color text presentation program
TYPEWRIT - turns your PC into a smart typewriter
WHICH - tells you where commands will be found (on the path)
LIST - a file viewer
D - a directory management tool
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