Elk Creek Backpack

June 19 and 20, 2013 backpack of the Colorado Trail along Elk Creek east of the Anamas River.
1 - Trail map
2 - I took the train up from Durango to Elk Park
3 - It blows steam at bridges to get rid of scale
4 - Waterfall as we stopped to take on water
5 - Elk Park train station. That's my pack on the platform.
6 - I waited a half hour for the next train to get this picture
7 - First view of Elk Creek after about a half mile
8 - A small trailside waterfall
9 - Heading up the valley
10 - Beaver pond
11 - After just over 4 miles, I set up camp.
12 - Then another mile and a half to this waterfall and dinner.
13 - Panoramic from my camp site as the sun sets
14 - Moon
15 - Moon
16 - Moon
17 - The 200 pound rock my water bottle is on cracked off as I used it as a handhold climbing the rocks. Just graised me as it fell. Could have been much worse.
18 - Day one stats
19 - Day two Mountain flower
20 - Another mountain flower
21 - Grouse trying to scare me away
22 - Scare me away from her babies
23 - Can't be more than a few says old
24 - From the train on my way back to Durango
25 - Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid jumped off cliffs near here
26 - Chimney Rock on the drive back to Pagosa, now a national monument!
27 - The West Fork fire exploded while I was gone, got much bigger over the next few days, fortunately prevailing winds took it away from Pagosa.
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