June 2017 Camper Trip

13 night trip to festivities in the central Colorado Rockies: 6/17 Pikes Peak Celtic Festival; 6/18 Colorado Renaissance Festival; 6/20 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb practice; 6/22 Music in the Park, Grand Opening of new Hideaway Ampitheater, Winter Park; 6/23 Music on the Square, Winter Park; 6/24-25 Blues From the Top, Winter Park
1 - As I left Pagosa Springs on June 13, there was still lots of snow at the Wolf Creek ski area
2 - Pikes Peak Celtic Festival, Pikes Peak in the background
3 - Colorado Renaissance Festival, beautiful and monsterous
4 - With many acts
5 - and Camel rides
6 - and elephant rides
7 - and parades
8 - and, of course, jousting
9 - Worlds highest ferris wheel (in elevation), in the North Pole, near the entrance to Pikes Peak
10 - Hiked a bit in the Garden of the Gods
11 - Next month, brother Marty and I will be playing Arrowhead, a golf course with similar landscape
12 - Pikes Peak hill climb practice, second oldest car race in the country
13 - They set up before sunrise and started practice as soon as there was enough light
14 - #30 was the overall winner on race day
15 - #888, not much bigger than a go-cart came in third in the unlimited class
16 - Practice for the top classes ran the top third of the mountain today
17 - Pikes Peak during the hill climb practice
18 - Motorcycles practiced on the middle third of the mountain, other classes on the bottom third
19 - One at a time, they ran to the top, then all returned to do it again, about 5 or 6 times
20 - Well over 100 mph on the straight aways
21 - One went over the edge, fortunately not too steep there (I was the only spectator to see this!)
22 - Results from race day. I watched some of the actual race on my phone while I was at the Winter Park Blues Festival
23 - Then they opened the mountain to the public
24 - My free campsite, I have been too busy to get a hair cut
25 - Winter Park Blues for the Top, a great two day music fest
26 - The best part was the kids, played between sets and the day before, very talented!!!!
27 - Loveland Pass with Loveland Ski area in the back right
28 - I climbed up for the view, see the camper?
29 - Route Map
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