Tom Kisko's Pictures of the Annular Solar Eclipse 5/20/12 and the Venus Transit 6/5/12

I took the eclipse pictures in northwest Arizona on highway US 160 at the eclipse path centerline.
I used my handheld Canon SX40. More details after the pictures.

As you can see the eclipse ended after sunset.

All the pictures were taken with this setup , a Canon SX40 35X zoom camera with $2.00 solar viewing glasses as a filter.

I handheld the camera braced against a vehicle, using a bracked auto setting that took 3 pictures at varying exposures.
I was at 36.94 N, 110.55 W, on US160 about 8.5 miles east of the AZ 98 intersection.

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And on June 6, 2012 I took these Venus transit pictures from my Pagosa Springs, Colorado home. Sunset also stopped me from seeing the complete sequence.