Copy of My University ISE Photo Album, 1999 to 2004

My Summer 2004 Trip - A 5 month RV trip out west
My Summer 2003 Trip - A 64 day trip to Alaska
My Winter 2003 Cruise - A three month cruise of the west coast of Florida
My Summer 2002 Trip - A 63 day travel trailer trip to Nova Scotia
My Bahamas 11/01 to 3/02 Cruise - Sailed Crystal River to Bahamas and return via the keys
My First Retirement Trip - Coast to coast, 8000 miles in 67 days
The Crystal River House - My retirement home
My Gemini 105Mc - Purchased November, 2000, my second retirement home
House For Sale - My Micanopy estate is on the market. I'm getting ready for retirement. SOLD!
Manatees - Pictures of manatees near the Crystal River house.
Boat Lift Details - Pictures of Crystal River house boat lift.
CA99 - Central California: San Francisco, Tahoe, Yosemite (March 1999)
Seattle and BC - Seattle & BC 7/99
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