June 2020 Colorado Mountain Camper Loop

8 nights in camper: Wolf Creek west dispersed 1n, Penitente 1n, above Buena Vista 1n, Aspen difficult cg 1n, Gunnison Hartman Rocks 2n, 1.5 mi below Black Canyon of the Gunnison 1n, Silverton Mineral Creek dispersed 1n, 635 miles, 124 miles on ebike
1 - First night was on THE Wolf Creek, a few miles west of the Wolf Creek Ski Area
2 - From my Wolf Creek campsite
3 - A waterfall I discovered, now visible because of the beetle kill
4 - View from my ebike ride above my Wolf Creek campsite
5 - Wolf Creek is just below my campsite, the discovered waterfall above the back of the jeep
6 - Did an ebike ride by Elephant Rocks south of Penitente Canyon
7 - Penitente Canyon
8 - Penitente Canyon
9 - Penitente Canyon trail marker
10 - Above Penitente Canyon
11 - Penitente Canyon campsite
12 - My campsite above Bunea Vista overlooks Mt. Princeton (climed it in 2018)
13 - I ebiked the dead end road next to my campsite. It ends where a railroad trestle used to be!
14 - From Independence Pass on my way to Aspen
15 - Independence Pass from the Continental Divide Trail
16 - Continental Divide Trail headed north, I stopped at the snow
17 - Hayes Creek Falls, on my way from Aspen to Gunnison
18 - My Hartman Rocks campsite, see it?
19 - Gunnison in the distance
20 - bike trail at Hartman Rocks. Not easy!
21 - Black Canyon of the Gunnison
22 - 1000 miles on my Rubicon ebike as I toured Black Canyon
23 - Black Canyon of the Gunnison, see the river? It is in the black.
24 - Campsite on Mineral Creek above Silverton
25 - Route Map, 625 miles
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