Purgatory Creek / Animas River Trails Bacpack Trip 5/27-28/13

Did the 2 day hike with members of the San Juan Outdoor Club. Purgatory Creek / Animas River trail, 19.2 miles round trip, gain 900 ft and descend 1500 ft on the way in and vice versa on the way out. Trailhead 37.6283N, 107.8094W
1 - Susan, Marvin, Will, Betsy and Yoati
2 - And to get me in, Betsy took this
3 - Cascade Creek after climbing out of Purgatory Flats
4 - Engineer Mountain left, Cascade Canyon below
5 - Walking bridge over the Animas River
6 - The trail along the Animas River
7 - The river splits and reconverges in several places
8 - We all had to cross this, twice!
9 - After setting up camp a few miles before here, we did an afternoon hike to the Needle Creek trail junction
10 - Needle Creek
11 - Cascade Wye, The confluence of Cascade Creek and the Animas River
12 - Two trains a day follow the Anamas River from Durango up to Silverton
13 - This picture was the highlight of the hike for me
14 - Mountain flowers
15 - Mountain flowers
16 - Mountain flowers
17 - Mountain flower
18 - Mountain flower wanabe
19 - Purgatory Flats on the way out
20 - Started at the trail head on the left, camped near the 675, day hiked to the Needle Creek trail head, returned the next day
21 - The trail is not as steep as the dotted line shows, the purple line is the actual track
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