My Second Fourteener Climb, Mt. Sneffels

I Climbed 14,150' Mt. Sneffels 9/9/12. Started at 12,440'. The elevation gain is less but a tougher climb than Handies Peak.
1 - I started by driving a dirt then 4 wheel drive road out of the beautiful town of Ouray
2 - About 10 miles later and some pretty serious Jeeping, you end up here.
3 - Then you traverse over to and climb up this slippery valley
4 - Then scramble up this chute
5 - Here is the chute, looking down
6 - Then a squeeze and a short scramble to the top
7 - I parked the Jeep down there, see it?
8 - Now do you see it?
9 - Climbed to the saddlle (lower right of center) and the up the chute which is hidden by the ledge
10 - Blue Lakes, southwest
11 - Blue Lakes Pass, south
12 - Looking west
13 - Looking North
14 - It is much steeper on the north side
15 - Northeast is Ridgeway
16 - Headed back down
17 - The saddle, turn right after the center rock formation
18 - The hardest part was climbing down this loose rock slippery steep slope, fell on my butt once
19 - On my way down I blew out a tire sidewall and had to head home rather than over Imogene Pass to Telluride
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